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Xu Hướng 3/2023 # Lumpia Vietnam Dengan Saus Nuoc Cham # Top 5 View

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Saat mengadakan Miku kemarin aku kan bikin fresh lumpia yang disini lebih dikenal dengan sebutan Lumpia Vietnam. Jangan tanya aku kenapa dinamakan begitu, langsung tanya aja sama yang menamakannya begitu. Mau protes juga silahkan, tapi jangan sama akuuuuh?!! Gaya amat yah… abis minum Teh Taiwan sekarang makan Lumpia Vietnam, hahahaha…

Sebetulnya untuk resep Lumpia Vietnam ini udah pernah aku tulis tapi pake bahasa Swedia, sok- sokan ceritanya gitu. Kali ini aku mau kasih bocoran sedikit untuk resepnya dalam bahasa Indonesia. Simak yaaah!

Bahan- bahannya :

20 lembar rice papper ukuran sedang,

100 gram bihun,

2 siung bawang putih, keprek,

Sejumput garam dan merica,

3 sdm minyak zaitun.

Bahan isian :

50 gram daun mint, cincang kasar,

100 gram daun salad, iris setengah bagian,

2 buah timun, buang bijinya, iris julienne,

3 buah wortel, iris julienne juga,

5 buah tahu goreng setengah mateng, potong dadu (dan) atau,

100 gram udang rebus, potong menjadi dua bagian di tengahnya (dan) atau,

100 gram mangga setengah masak, potong lebar tipis memanjang,

Cara membuat :

Pertama siapkan bihun dahulu. Rendam dalam air hangat kurang lebih selama 3 menit. Tiriskan dan guyur dengan air dingin supaya tidak menggumpal. Tuangkan minyak zaitun, bawang putih, garam dan merica lantas aduk hingga rata. Sisihkan.

Siapkan air hangat di piring lebar (yang cukup untuk merendam rice papper).

Rendam sebentar rice papper (kira- kira 30 detik sampai 1 menit). Angkat letakkan di piring proses, isi dengan bihun dan bahan isian. Lipat seperti cara melipat lumpia.

Sajikan dengan saus Nuoc Cham (resep di bawah).

Untuk resep saus Nuoc Chamnya ini cukup mudah sekali, asli gak usah pake acara memasak apapun.

Bahan- bahannya :

2 siung bawang putih, cincang halus,

4 sdm kecap ikan,

4 sdm kecap asin,

25 gram gula merah, larutkan dengan air hangat,

1 buah jeruk nipis,

2 biji cabe rawit (sesuai selera)

200 ml air.

Cara membuat cukup campurkan semua bahan, aduk hingga rata, cicipi kalo ada rasa yang kurang di lidah cukup tambahkan sesuai selera.

Hidangkan fresh dari dapur, karena kalo dibiarkan agak lama, kulit dari lumpia ini akan mengeras kaya’ karet. Tapi untuk mengakalinya bisa dengan cara menyemprotkan air dingin dan didiamkan beberapa saat sebelum dihidangkan.

Selamat mencobaaaa!

#Rice papper bisa dibeli di toko china, bentuknya seperti kulit lumpia, ada yang bulat ada juga yang kotak. Transparan seperti bihun. #Julienne : teknik memotong dalam kuliner yaitu memotong seperti batang korek api, panjang dan kurus. Biasa juga disebutshoe string.

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Nuoc Cham Vs. Nuoc Mam

If you enjoy eating at Vietnamese restaurants you may have noticed their love of dipping sauces. Dishes like spring rolls are always served with small bowls of spicy sauce. A common question asked by people outside of Vietnam is what’s the difference between nuoc cham and nuoc mam? Keep reading to get the complete answer.

How do nuoc cham and nuoc mam differ?

Nuoc cham is the generic term for sauce and could range from soy sauce to fish sauce, chili sauce, or anything in between. Nuoc mam is a popular type of fish sauce served in Vietnamese cuisine that can be pungent, sweet, sour, and spicy in flavor. It is often made by combining fish sauce with water, lime juice, minced garlic, and chili.

How to make nuoc mam

This is a recipe to make a flavorful Southeast Asian dipping sauce that takes minutes to prepare with no cooking required.

Preparation time: 5 minsCook time: 0 mins


¾ cup water

4 Tbsp sugar

4 Tbsp fish sauce

3 Tbsp fresh lime or lemon juice

1 Thai chili, finely sliced

1 clove garlic minced


Mix water and sugar in a small bowl until the sugar is dissolved.

Add fish sauce and lime juice and stir until combined.

Sprinkle the sauce with chili and garlic before serving.


To help dissolve the sugar, you can heat the water in a microwave for 30 seconds before mixing.

Slowly add the citrus juice and fish sauce and taste test as you go to ensure it doesn’t have overwhelming flavor.

When serving this sauce with seafood like eel, include lemongrass to brighten the dish.

Other ingredients like white radish, green papaya, or shredded pickled carrot can also be served with nuoc mam.

Did you know? Nước mắm pha means mixed fish sauce. It is the commonest type of dipping sauce that uses fish sauce as its base and includes lime juice or vinegar, water, and sugar. A vegetarian version of this sauce can be made by replacing fish sauce with Maggi seasoning sauce.

What to serve with nuoc mam pha

Rice paper rolls (Bánh cuốn): ingredients like pork, prawn, carrot, cucumber, and lettuce are wrapped in sheets of rice noodles.Spring rolls (Chả giò): spring roll pastry is filled with ingredients like ground pork shoulder and then deep-fried until crispy.Noodles (Bún): cold rice vermicelli noodles topped with grilled pork.Rice pancakes (Bánh xèo): pan-fried savory crepes made from water, rice flour, and turmeric, then filled with ingredients like shrimp, bean sprouts, or pork.

What is in Vietnamese fish sauce?

Supermarket sold fish sauce generally contains water, anchovies, and sea salt. The version sold in restaurants is more elaborate and often includes water, lime juice, sugar, chili, and garlic.

How does hoisin sauce and fish sauce differ?

Fish sauce is a salty sauce made from sea salt, anchovies, and water which has a watery texture. Hoisin sauce is a thick consistency and is made from soybean paste, garlic, sugar, and many other ingredients. While both sauces are salty, hoisin has an additional sweet undertone to it.

How do I store nuoc mam?

Nuoc mam is best enjoyed fresh but if you have leftovers then it should last one to two weeks in the refrigerator. Store the sauce in an airtight jar or container at the back of the fridge. Nuoc mam that is made with vinegar rather than lime juice will last longer than. You can expect it to last one to two months before it losing quality.

Summing up

Although it may seem that nuoc cham and nuoc mam are the same thing, each has a different meaning and should not be used interchangeably. Nuoc cham is a broader term referring to all types of sauces while nuoc mam is a specific type of dipping sauce that incorporates fish sauce with a range of other ingredients.

Nate Teague is a food writer who has been working in the food industry for the past decade. He writes for various cooking blogs and has a passion for making fine dining recipes accessible to the at-home cook.

Nuoc Cham Sauce Recipe

Amount Per 1 Serving Calories


Kcal (95 kJ)

Calories from fat 0.09 Kcal % Daily Value* Total Fat 0.01g 0%

Sodium 943.28mg 39%

Potassium 45.75mg 1%

Total Carbs 5.25g 2% Sugars 4.53g 18%

Dietary Fiber 0.03g 0% Protein 0.67g 1% Vitamin C 2.6mg 4% Iron 0.1mg 1% Calcium 11.7mg 1% Amount Per 100 g Calories


Kcal (153 kJ)

Calories from fat 0.14 Kcal % Daily Value* Total Fat 0.02g 0%

Sodium 1517.76mg 39%

Potassium 73.61mg 1%

Total Carbs 8.45g 2% Sugars 7.29g 18%

Dietary Fiber 0.05g 0% Protein 1.07g 1% Vitamin C 4.2mg 4% Iron 0.2mg 1% Calcium 18.8mg 1%

* Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet. Your daily values may be higher or lower depending on your calorie needs. Find out how many calories should you eat.

Nuoc Cham (Vietnamese Dipping Sauce)

Elevate your spring rolls with the most magical Vietnamese condiment of all. This Nuoc Cham Recipe has perfect levels of sour, sweet, salty, savory and spicy!

Well, it turns out you can make a delicious Vietnamese nuoc cham that will be the star of your dinner in no time flat! Seriously, five minutes in the kitchen is all it takes.

Today’s post is all about the most magical of Vietnamese condiments. How to make it, what to eat with it and even some culinary pitfalls to avoid.

If you’ve ever wondered about nuoc cham, this one is for you!

Nuoc cham is the absolutely delicious Vietnamese dipping sauce that tends to accompany fried spring rolls ( Chả giò), pan fried crepes ( Bánh xèo) and rice noodle dishes ( Bún).

This ubiquitous condiment is a mixture of fish sauce ( nước mắm), garlic, palm sugar, lime juice, a splash of water and (sometimes) bird’s eye chilis.

In this home chef’s opinion, the most important element to a good nuoc cham is finding the proper balance of sour, sweet, salty, savory and spicy.

However from an ingredients perspective, finding and using a good fish sauce – or nuoc mam – is the key to full on flavor!

I’m a big fan of (a Vietnamese fish sauce). I tend to use it when making dipping sauces, or when the fish sauce will be out front and super noticeable. Biggest drawback though is price. It’s pretty expensive compared to other brands.

When using fish sauce as an ingredient in a larger composed recipe, I tend to use , or Three Crabs .

They all differ slightly in saltiness and assertiveness. So, when it comes to finding your preferred brand, there may be a bit of trial and error involved.

Interesting note: Ben loves fish sauce so much that he lists the salty, briny, whiskey colored liquid as the number one reason he could never go fully vegan.

Yep, it’s that good!

Wait, isn’t it all fish sauce?

What’s the difference between nuoc mam and nuoc cham?

This bit confused me at one point too.

Nuoc mam is technically unadulterated fish sauce. Nuoc cham is the dipping sauce we’re making here today (that happens to use nuoc mam as a central ingredient).

Confused? Not to worry! Hereis a great article on the matter. And here is another!

Now, let’s get on to the important business… cooking and eating!

Dissolve in lukewarm water. Then whisk in lime, fish sauce, minced garlic and Thai chiles. I like to let my nuoc cham sit at room temperature for a few minutes so all of the flavors marry well. But that’s an optional step. You can dig in right away if you’d like.

It doesn’t get much more simple than that!

How does restaurant style nuoc cham differ from this one?

Most of the same ingredients tend to be in use when you get your spring roll sauce or dipping sauce for your Vietnamese bun delivered to the table when dining out.

However, I’ve found – at many Vietnamese restaurants in the States, their nuoc cham recipes can tend to be on the sweeter side. More so than the well balanced mixes I’ve had in Vietnam. That heavy handedness with the sugar can result in a nuoc cham that loses some of it’s natural nuance.

That said, there’s a place in our neighborhood in Brooklyn that has a nuoc cham sauce so finely tuned, I feel like I’m sitting on a small plastic stool in Hue inhaling my noodles every time we drop in for a bite.

I’d like to think that my own mixture is closer to a well balanced, authentic nuoc cham – with the fish sauce and chili a bit more forward in the mix.

You’ll just have to try it and decide for yourself!

The Vietnamese language is full of rising, falling and flat tones that can render the same word with different meanings depending on the delivery. Getting it right can seem like an impenetrable fortress to someone just getting started.

For me, I just had to get used to the fact that I’m saying stuff the wrong way when I travel and when I eat out.

The phonetic spelling is: nɨ́ək tɕə̌m.

But that doesn’t clear much up, right?!

To say nuoc cham with something approaching accuracy, say nuoc as ‘nook’ (like the Barnes & Noble e-reader). And say cham as ‘chum’ (like an old friend from your days at school).

That’s how it was explained to me – and it’s worked at restaurants sufficiently well to this point!

No matter how you say it, though – the most important thing about food is that it tastes delicious and makes you want more.

I hope you love this nuoc cham recipe as much as I do – and that it elevates your spring rolls to pro-status!

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Nuoc Cham (Vietnamese Dipping Sauce)

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