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Bun Rieu Cua Vietnamese Crab Noodle Soup

Traditionally this soup is made with whole blue crabs which are then pounded in a large mortar/pestle. The crab meat is separated from the crushed body. The body of the crushed crab is then put into a fine mesh cloth or sieve and water is then strained through, forming the base of the broth. Do I make my bun rieu this way? Heck no!! It’s too time consuming! 🙂 But when Hong was growing up, he would help his mom make bun rieu this way. The result of is a much more intense crab flavored broth. Almost everyone I know uses a can of minced crab in spices as a substitute for this labor intensive process.

So if Hong wants his bun rieu to taste like his mom, he better do the extra work. 🙂 For me, a good and easy alternative is to use the minced crab in a can and add that to my all purpose pork broth that I use to make many of my soups. But if I’m really pressed for time, canned chicken broth will also do.

Unlike pho or bun bo hue where there are slices of meat added, the key protein component to this soup is the crab meat mixture, rieu, made of the minced crab (or alternatively dried shrimp), ground, pork and egg. It’s essentially a Vietnamese version of crab cakes but in a soup! Some cooks like crab mixture more formed, almost like a meatball or patty. While we like it more airy and loose, like pillowy mounds of deliciousness. You can adjust how you like it by the ratio of egg to meat in the recipe below-the more airy and soft, the more egg and less ground pork. Another key ingredient in this mixture is shrimp paste for that extra umami. Other variations of this soup includes oc/periwinkle called bun oc.

Here’s a quick video on how to make this simple yet delicious soup!

chopped green onion and cilantro

perilla, mint, lime wedges

bean sprouts

split water spinach/ong choy/kang kong/rau muong stems

fine shrimp paste

To make the split rau muong, there’s a very very high tech chúng tôi the form of a $2 utensil you see above. It’s composed of a thin rod and at the end, a sharp turbine like cutting edge. Pluck the leaves of the rau muong and insert the long metal rod into the stem opening. With one hand hold the device at the top and with the other, grab the stem and with a quick fluid motion, push the stem through the blade opening. These special devices are often sold at the Asian markets and are so handy in making perfectly split rau moung stems which gives bun rieu a refreshing crunch.

Ngày Rằm Nấu Bún Riêu Chay Thật Ngon, Ngay Ram Nau Bun Rieu Chay That Ngon

Ngày rằm nấu bún riêu chay thật ngon

Tô bún thơm, nước dùng ngọt từ củ quả và phần riêu làm bằng đậu phụ, được dùng kèm với các loại rau ăn thanh mát. Nguyên liệu:

– Phần nồi nước dùng: 2-3 củ cải trắng, 2 quả táo, 1 quả lê – 2-3 bìa đậu phụ tươi – 1/2 hộp đậu phụ non – 1 thìa canh tương Cự Đà hay tương đậu nành – 200g thanh cua chay (bạn có thể tìm mua tại siêu thị) – 300g nấm đông cô – 300g nấm đùi gà – 3-4 quả cà chua – Đậu phụ rán sẵn – Dấm bỗng hay me chua – Bún ăn kèm – Rau kinh giới, tía tô, giá, có thể dùng thêm rau muống chẻ, hay xà lách xoăn thái nhỏ – Hành barô, rau mùi – 1 thìa canh bột mỳ.

Cách làm:

Bước 1:

– Táo, quả lê, củ cải rửa sạch, gọt vỏ, bỏ hột, cắt vừa ăn, cho tất cả vào nồi, thêm nước lọc và hai thìa nhỏ muối, hầm để lấy nước dùng.

Bước 2:

– Đậu phụ rửa sạch, để ráo, cho đậu phụ tươi, đậu phụ non vào âu sạch.

Bước 3:

– Dùng tay sạch bóp nhuyễn đậu phụ, thêm tương Cự Đà và một thìa nhỏ muối, một thìa nhỏ đường, dùng thìa trộn đều.

Bước 4:

– Thanh cua chay rửa sạch, cắt nhỏ.

Bước 5:

– Dùng dao băm nhuyễn hay dùng máy xay tơi thanh cua.

Bước 6:

– Cà chua rửa sạch, bổ múi cau.

Bước 7:

– Nấm đông cô, nấm đùi gà cắt bỏ chân rửa sạch, để ráo.

Bước 8:

– Rau xà lách xoăn rửa sạch.

– Nấm đùi gà cắt lát vừa ăn.

– Giá đỗ rửa sạch, để ráo.

– Hành barô rửa sạch, lấy phần đầu hành trắng đập dập, phần barô xanh thái nhỏ.

Bước 9:

– Đậu phụ rán để ra bát, bạn có thể dùng đậu phụ rán sẵn hay mua đậu về rán.

Bước 10:

– Rau kinh giới rửa sạch, để ráo.

Bước 11:

– Đun nóng một ít màu dầu điều, phi đầu hành thơm.

Bước 12:

– Cho cà chua vào xào chín, thêm vào một thìa nhỏ muối, một thìa nhỏ đường, xào khoảng 5-7 phút thì đổ cà chua ra bát để riêng.

Bước 13:

– Dùng lại chảo đó, cho hai loại nấm vào xào chín, xào khoảng 5 phút thì tắt bếp, đổ ra bát lớn để riêng.

Bước 14:

– Rưới vào chảo một ít màu dầu điều, cho thanh cua chay vào xào.

Bước 15:

– Cho bát đậu phụ ở bước 3 vào xào cùng với thanh cua, dùng muôi trộn đều.

Bước 16:

– Xào khoảng 5-7 phút cho thấm thì rảy bột mỳ lên bề mặt đậu phụ, dùng muôi đảo đều, bột mỳ có tác dụng kết dính để khi đun sẽ tạo thành mảng riêu nổi lên bề mặt. Nếu bạn muốn dùng phần riêu cứng hơn có thể thêm bột mỳ.

Bước 17:

– Phần nồi nước hầm ở bước 1 sau khi củ quả đã mềm, vớt ra bỏ bã, lọc lại nước dùng cho trong thì cho cà chua, nấm , đậu phụ rán đã xào vào đun cùng, đun khoảng 15 phút.

Bước 18:

– Nêm vào nồi nước dùng một ít giấm bỗng hoặc bột me chua, dùng thìa múc từng muôi hỗn hợp đậu phụ ở bước 16 thả vào nồi nước dùng cà chua, đun lửa nhỏ để mảng riêu đậu phụ nổi lên bề mặt.

Bước 19:

– Khi phần riêu chín sẽ nổi lên bề mặt, nêm nếm lại gia vị cho vừa ăn, thêm một ít hành barô thái nhỏ vào.

Bước 20:

– Tắt bếp, khi dùng gắp một ít bún vào bát lớn, chan nước dùng có lẫn cà chua, đậu phụ, nấm các loại và múc một ít riêu đậu phụ, rắc thêm một ít hành barô, rau mùi thái nhỏ. Dùng nóng với các loại rau ăn kèm.

Theo ngoisao

Banh Deo Xuan Hong Recipe

Banh deo xuan hong recipe

To help make the sugar syrup: In a tiny saucepan, dissolve 1 cup sugar with 1 cup water. Don’t stir, particularly when water starts to boil. If this boils, lessen the heat to low and simmer for just two-3 minutes. Switch off heat. Then add lime juice to avoid sugar from recrystalizing.

To help make the mung bean paste: Steam or prepare the drenched mung beans inside a grain oven until soft. Then puree and mix with sugar, salt, vanilla and vegetable oil.

Inside a non-stick fry pan, combine the mung bean paste with oil. Prepare over medium low heat, stirring constantly before the oil is incorporated well and also the paste is thickened. Remove in the heat. Let awesome completely. Shape into balls.

Mix the cooked/roasted glutinous grain flour with sugar syrup to at least one:1 ratio. Give a couple of drops pomelo extract. Make use of a spatula to combine well until well combined.

Flour the significant surface with the standard flour. Transfer the dough over, coat using the flour until it’s no longer sticky. Fold/knead the dough a couple of occasions until smooth.

Flour the mold and fill with sufficient dough to pay for the bottom. Convey a filling ball within the center and canopy with another bit of dough. Press to apply the pattern. Repeat until finish the dough and fillings.

Lightly unmold.

It’s prepared to eat much like this. It’s not necessary to prepare it since the flour used is COOKED/Roast Glutinous Grain Flour.

Nhn bnh:

1/2 chn u xanh c khng v

1/2 chn nc

1 ms du thc vt

9 g vani ng (hoc 1 ng vani)

mt cht mui

1 ms bt np chn + 1 ms du n sn nhn

Lm v bnh:

1.5 chn bt np chn/bt bnh in do

1.5 chn nc ng

1/4 mcf tinh du hng bi

Nu nc ng bnh do: 1 chn ng + 1 chn nc. united nations si n khi ng tan. Khng nn khuy, nht l lc nc bt u si. Khi si, h la nh united nations thm 2-3 pht na. Tt la. Vt vo t nc ct chanh trnh b li ng.

1/2 chn u xanh vo sch, ngm 1h. Hp/nu chn trong ni cm in mire 1/2 chn nc. Xoay nhuyn mire 1/4 chn ng, cht mui, vani v 1 ms du n.

Sn nhn mire du n + 1 ms bt bnh do gi bnh c lu hn. ngui ri vo thnh vin nhn.

Phi dng bt bnh in do l bt np rang chn (Khng thay th c bng bt g khc). Trn bt mire nc ng theo t l 1:1. Cho mire git hng bi cho thm mi bnh do. Dng phi trn u thnh cc bt dnh.

Rc 1 ms bt ra bn. cc bt ra, ln qua bt o v gp bt nhiu ln n khi bt dnh tay

Rc bt ln khun cht na d ly bnh ra. Cho bt vo khun, thm vin nhn vo gia. p cht v ng bnh vo khun.

Nh tay g bnh ra khi khun.

Bnh lm t BT NP CHN nn n c lun khng cn phi nu!

Note: Because we don’t put any synthetically created preservatives within our mooncakes, they are able to’t be stored as lengthy because the store-bought ones. For the way you &”stir-fry&” the fillings, they are able to simply be stored for several to seven days inside a awesome place. But I recommend you consume them within three days

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Xuan Hong’s Cooking – Food Vannet


Xuan Hong is another Vietnamese lady who has cooking show which is aired every week on one of Vietnamese television network in San Francisco, California. She is also a owner of a restaurant specialized Vietnamese cuisine and what is the name? Ummm, let’s us try remembering… uuuummmm… ohhhhh hhhh h, its name is Nha Trang Restaurant. As in her cooking show she mentioned about her cosmetic line too, but we’re unable to remember its name; we’ll let you know when we back next time.

Lua Hong – Xuan Hong’s Cooking

Some of cooking videos she has done which many people love them:

Cake: Banh Chuoi Nuong; Sandwich: Banh Mi Thit Nguoi; Wine: Com Ruou Mien Nam,Com Ruou Mien Bac; Meatloaf: Cha Lua Chay; Vegetarian (Rice Soup): Chao Long Chay; Fried:Chim Cut Chien Bo; Dessert:Che Khoai Mon, Che Dau Van, Che Khoai Mon, Che Tao Xon; Stir-Fried…: De Xao Lan; Cake (Ice Cream Banana/Blue Java):Banh Chuoi Hap; Yogurt Vietnam; Liverwurst: Pate Gan;

Vietnamese New Year Cake: Banh Chung; Xoi Vo; Fried (Bird, Butter): Chim Cut Chien Bo; Bake (Ice Cream Banana + Sticky Rice): Chuoi Cuon Nep Nuong; Poultry (Chicken + Ginger +): Ga Ram Gung; Vegetarian (): Kho Chay Thap Cam; Fish: Ca Nuc Kho Mang; Meat (Pork):Gio Heo Gia Cay; Vegetarian (Jackfruit Pickle): Goi Mit Chay; Fried Shrimp:Tom Rang Muoi;

Xoi Sau Rien, Xoi Nep Than; Stir-Fried Noodle:Mi Xao Don Chay; Roasted Beef: Roast Beef Tenderloin; Clam Chowder Soup:Soup Clam Chowder; Salad: Salsa and Chips; Halloween Snack: Halloween Dip; Preserved Fish:Mam Ca Loc; Vegetarian (Beef Noodle):Pho Bo Chay; Fried (Chicken Wings): Canh Ga Rang Muoi; Vegetarian (Beef Stew): Bo Kho Chay; Dessert (Corn): Che Bap; Fish + Pineapple: Ca Ngu Kho Khom;

About her personal life?  Sorry, we don’t know anything except we saw her adorable baby girl in one of her cooking video; she introduced that her daughter.  We think that cooking video about how to make Halloween cookies.  She’s so cute.

Lua Hong Cooking Show cooking__.com/vao-bep-voi-xuan-hong foodnet__.com/category/cooking-video/vietnamese-cooking-videos/xuan-hongs-cooking-shows

Have you tried her recipes yet?  Please let us know so we can share with others.  We tried couples of them, it’s not so bad.  We’re going try some more soon!

As we mentioned above, she has an adorable little baby girl, we just fortunately get that video so we share with you. cooking__.com/halloween-cookies-xuan-hong cooking__.com/spaghetti-for-halloween-xuan-hong cooking__.com/chicken-tender-ga-chien-don-xuan-hong

Actually, she has 2 children. www.cooking__.com/banh-pumpkin-xuan-hong


Here are the image of her best dishes by 8/29/2015.

Let talking a little bit about Xuan Hong recently.

After taking a break (3 months), she was back last month with video recipe “Banh Da Lon Nhan Khoai Mon – Xuan Hong” which was published on Jan 29, 2015.  We mean YT uploading by tdmaison.  She seam has a little changing especially her talking.  Last video before she took a break is “Com Tau Hu Dut Lo – Xuan Hong” which was published on Oct 15, 2014.

After watching these two videos again, we noticed a big changing but anyway everybody kinds a happy she is back.  We can see it through the number of her cooking videos’ views.  The views is increased rapidly; we believe so; for example, “Com Tau Hu Dut Lo – Xuan Hong” has 14,745 views in 4 months, “Banh Da Lon Nhan Khoai Mon – Xuan Hong” has 16,163 views in 1 month, and, recently, “Suon Hap Tau Xi – Xuan Hong” has 1,103 views in 2 days.  It’s not so bad after taking a break.

Here are some of her recent videos which have many views:

Kim Chi Cu Cai, Canh Ga Chien Nuoc Mam, Xoi Vi, Cha Ca, Com Tam Bi Cha, Ca Ri Ga, Banh Bong Lan Man, Banh Bong Lan Hap, Gio Hoa Ngu Sac, Miên Xao Cua, Banh Da Lon Nhan Khoai Mon

Actually these are best views this year (2015) so far.

To see Xuan Hong’s cooking videos, go to cooking__.com/category/vietnamese/lua-hong-cooking-show.

To see cooking show “Lua Hong” latest cooking video, go to http://www.cooking__.com/vao-bep-voi-xuan-hong.

By the end of 2015 (Luna Calendar), some of her cooking video is removed from YT but these recipes were made and sold at her restaurant.


Updated 5/15/2016, she haven’t have any new cooking video yet.  Her latest clip was Thit Do.

As of July 21, 2016, we merged two posts into one because we see it’s not necessary keep in 2 posts.