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Pate Chaud (Banh Pate So)

Banh Pate So is essentially a meat pie with a flaky exterior and a meat interior. Traditionally, they are made with pork, but recent variations have had chicken and beef. Like all Vietnamese recipes, every family has their own version of this dish. For mine, my mom made hers with ground pork and wood ear mushrooms.

Puff pastry sheets (2 packages) – I like to use store bought pastry sheets. I found the best quality and cheapest pastry sheets come from Trader Joe’s. For $4, you get 2 pastry sheets. That’s what I used for this recipe.

Ground pork – As mentioned above, every person has their own version of this recipe. I like to use ground pork because it has a subtle sweetness, and it is the most traditional. You can also substitute with ground chicken and ground beef.

Wood ear mushrooms (optional) – I love the chewy like texture of wood ear mushrooms, but this ingredient is optional because it is hard to find. You can find them on Amazon or at Asian grocery stores. A good substitute would be shitake mushrooms. You also can leave out the mushrooms.

Fish sauce – Viet Hong fish sauce is the best brand of fish sauce to use.

Onion – Use a yellow or white onion to make this recipe.

Seasonings (white pepper, salt, and garlic powder) – The purpose of the seasonings is to add more flavor to the pork. I like to use white pepper instead of black pepper because I think it has a better flavor. However, you can substitute white pepper with black pepper.

Egg yolks – The egg yolks are used as a binder so the meat pie doesn’t come apart in the oven.

Below are instructions on how to make Banh Pate So. Make sure to read the recipe notes for tips on how to make these pastries!

Preheat the oven to 400 degrees F.

Prepare 2 baking sheets by covering them with parchment paper. Grease the parchment paper and set aside.

Add the ground pork, wood ear mushrooms, fish sauce, onion, white pepper, salt, and garlic powder to a large bowl. Mix together until all the ingredients are well incorporated.

Take a small piece of the meat mixture and cook it in a pan. Taste that piece of meat to make sure it is seasoned to your liking.

Once satisfied with the flavor of the meat, assemble your meat pies. Use a 3 inch biscuit cutter to cut the puff pastry dough into the circular shapes. You will get about 12 cuts from 2 puff pastry sheets. Roll out the dough from the excess pieces and cut more pieces. In total, you should get about 48 pieces, resulting in 24 finished pastries.

Add 2 teaspoons of the meat mixture onto half of the puff pastry cut outs.

Whisk the 2 egg yolks in a small bowl. Brush the border around the meat with the egg wash. This will help the 2 puff pastry cut outs to stick together in the oven.

Place the second half of the pastry cut outs on top of the ones with the filling. Press down on the dough around the meat filling to firmly seal the pastry. Egg wash the top of the pastry.

Score the pastry so steam can release during baking. Place pastries on 2 baking sheets.

Bake in the oven for 12-15 minutes until they are gold brown on the outside and the meat is cooked on the inside.

Cool for a few minutes before serving.

Defrost your pastry sheets. When you plan for this recipe, make sure you leave enough time to defrost your pastry sheets. I’ve definitely made this mistake before. Puff pastry sheets need to be defrosted at room temperature for 3-5 hours or overnight in the refrigerator.

Grease your parchment paper. Greasing your parchment paper ensures that your Banh Pate So doesn’t stick when they are done baking.

Use a fork to seal your pastries. As an extra insurance policy, you can use a fork to seal the edges of your pastry to make sure they don’t open in the oven. However, I had no problems just using egg wash to seal the pastries.

Score your pastries before baking. Use a knife to cut 2 slits in the pastry. This is an essential step because it allows steam to escape as they are cooking. This will help prevent any unwanted explosions in the oven. It also adds a decorative touch to your pastries!

If you made this dish, I would love to see!

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Bánh Patê Sô (Pate Chaud) — Uyen Luu

Bánh Patê Sô (Pate Chaud)

April 24, 2012

Hot puff pastry pies with chicken, peas and mushrooms

You can put anything in these pies. My mother has been making them since she discovered ready made puff pastry from the supermarket! Who has time to make them from scratch these days when they are just as good! I always thought they were Vietnamese until a recent after thought made me realise that they are actually French! The Vietnamese enjoy pastry snacks like these all the time.

Bakeries in Saigon are busting with people queuing on their Hondas every day and night for hot savoury cakes! Who can resist!

  Ingredients – Makes 61 pack ready made puff pastry100g chicken breast3 cloves garlic2 brown chestnut mushrooms50g garden peas 1 tsp pork seasoning1 tsp sugar1?2 tsp black pepper2 tbs butter1 tbs tapioca starch5 tbs water1 egg yolk

MethodFinely dice the garlic. Cut the mushrooms into small chunks. Slice the chicken breast into small 1cm cubes or quickly pulse in a blender. Drizzle cooking oil into a hot pan, add the butter, garlic, chicken, mushrooms, peas and season with sugar, pepper and pork seasoning. Fry until golden.

In a separate bowl, mix the tapioca starch and water together then pour the mixture into the pan with the rest of the ingredients. This thickens and combines everything together. Cook for a further minute and leave to rest.

Preheat the oven to 180oC. When the mixture has cooled down. Roll out a sheet of puff pastry. Use a 6cm round cutter or a thin lip cup and cut out 12 circles from the pastry. Fill each sheet with a generous table spoonful of filling and close it up by placing another sheet on top. Place them on a greased baking tray. Use a fork to press around the edges and brush the pastry with the egg yolk which will give them a nice golden colour. Bake for 35 minutes or until golden and serve immediately.

Banh Deo Xuan Hong Recipe

Banh deo xuan hong recipe

To help make the sugar syrup: In a tiny saucepan, dissolve 1 cup sugar with 1 cup water. Don’t stir, particularly when water starts to boil. If this boils, lessen the heat to low and simmer for just two-3 minutes. Switch off heat. Then add lime juice to avoid sugar from recrystalizing.

To help make the mung bean paste: Steam or prepare the drenched mung beans inside a grain oven until soft. Then puree and mix with sugar, salt, vanilla and vegetable oil.

Inside a non-stick fry pan, combine the mung bean paste with oil. Prepare over medium low heat, stirring constantly before the oil is incorporated well and also the paste is thickened. Remove in the heat. Let awesome completely. Shape into balls.

Mix the cooked/roasted glutinous grain flour with sugar syrup to at least one:1 ratio. Give a couple of drops pomelo extract. Make use of a spatula to combine well until well combined.

Flour the significant surface with the standard flour. Transfer the dough over, coat using the flour until it’s no longer sticky. Fold/knead the dough a couple of occasions until smooth.

Flour the mold and fill with sufficient dough to pay for the bottom. Convey a filling ball within the center and canopy with another bit of dough. Press to apply the pattern. Repeat until finish the dough and fillings.

Lightly unmold.

It’s prepared to eat much like this. It’s not necessary to prepare it since the flour used is COOKED/Roast Glutinous Grain Flour.

Nhn bnh:

1/2 chn u xanh c khng v

1/2 chn nc

1 ms du thc vt

9 g vani ng (hoc 1 ng vani)

mt cht mui

1 ms bt np chn + 1 ms du n sn nhn

Lm v bnh:

1.5 chn bt np chn/bt bnh in do

1.5 chn nc ng

1/4 mcf tinh du hng bi

Nu nc ng bnh do: 1 chn ng + 1 chn nc. united nations si n khi ng tan. Khng nn khuy, nht l lc nc bt u si. Khi si, h la nh united nations thm 2-3 pht na. Tt la. Vt vo t nc ct chanh trnh b li ng.

1/2 chn u xanh vo sch, ngm 1h. Hp/nu chn trong ni cm in mire 1/2 chn nc. Xoay nhuyn mire 1/4 chn ng, cht mui, vani v 1 ms du n.

Sn nhn mire du n + 1 ms bt bnh do gi bnh c lu hn. ngui ri vo thnh vin nhn.

Phi dng bt bnh in do l bt np rang chn (Khng thay th c bng bt g khc). Trn bt mire nc ng theo t l 1:1. Cho mire git hng bi cho thm mi bnh do. Dng phi trn u thnh cc bt dnh.

Rc 1 ms bt ra bn. cc bt ra, ln qua bt o v gp bt nhiu ln n khi bt dnh tay

Rc bt ln khun cht na d ly bnh ra. Cho bt vo khun, thm vin nhn vo gia. p cht v ng bnh vo khun.

Nh tay g bnh ra khi khun.

Bnh lm t BT NP CHN nn n c lun khng cn phi nu!

Note: Because we don’t put any synthetically created preservatives within our mooncakes, they are able to’t be stored as lengthy because the store-bought ones. For the way you &”stir-fry&” the fillings, they are able to simply be stored for several to seven days inside a awesome place. But I recommend you consume them within three days

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Công Thức Làm Bánh Pate Chaud Chuẩn Pháp

Pate Chaud – “đứa con lai” Pháp – Việt(Ảnh: Internet)


Phần nhân bánh:

Thịt gà hoặc thịt heo băm nhuyễn: 200 gram

Pate: 30 gram

Nấm hương: 10 cái (ngâm cho nở rồi thái hạt lựu)

Hành tây: ½ của (thái hạt lựu)

Dầu hào: 15ml

Dầu mè: 5ml

Nước mắm: 15ml

Một chút muối tiêu

Phần vỏ bánh:

Bước 1: Chuẩn bị một chiếc âu lớn, cho bột mì, nước cốt chanh cùng với 50 gram bơ lạt vào, trộn lên cho thật đều. Sau đó, cho thêm một ít nước vào và nhào cho tới bột mịn hoàn toàn và không còn cảm giác dính tay nữa.

Bước 2: Dùng màng bọc thực phẩm bọc kín phần bột đã nhào lại và để bột nghỉ trong vòng 20 phút.

Bước 3: Sau khi bột đã nghỉ đủ 20 phút, bạn lấy bột ra, rắc một ít bột mì khô lên trên phần bột rồi dùng cây cán bột cán dẹt miếng bột ra. Cho bơ vào giữa, dùng tay gói 4 mép bột lại cho kín phần bơ.

Bước 4: Cán dài phần bột ra thành hình chữ nhật, sau đó gấp 2 mép bột vào với nhau, rồi tiếp tục gấp đôi miếng bột một lần nữa. Dùng màng bọc thực phẩm bọc miếng bột lại rồi bảo quản trong ngăn mát tủ lạnh khoảng 20 phút.

Bước 5: Lấy bột ra khỏi tủ lạnh, tiếp tục dùng bột khô rắc lên trên khối bột rồi cán và gấp bột với thao tác tương tự như trên bước 4. Lặp lại các bước này khoảng 4 – 5 lần, việc này sẽ khá tốn thời gian nhưng lớp vỏ bánh của chúng ta sẽ rất thơm ngon đấy!

Bước 6: Dùng cây cán bột cán mỏng phần bột ra rồi dùng dao hoặc khuôn cắt bột chuẩn bị sẵn để cắt bột thành những hình thù tùy theo ý thích của bạn.

Bước 7: Làm phần nhân bánh: Chuẩn bị một chiếc tô lớn, cho tất cả các nguyên liệu đã chuẩn bị cho phần nhân bánh vào, nêm thêm gia vị sao cho vừa ăn rồi trộn cho hòa quyện. Để hỗn hợp trong vòng 30 phút cho phần nhân được ngấm gia vị và đậm đà hơn.

Bước 8: Cho phần nhân vào giữa miếng bột vỏ bánh đã cắt, sau đó dùng một miếng bột khác phủ lên trên, kẹp phần mép bột lại cho dính.

Bước 9: Xếp bánh vào khay, sau đó tách lấy một lòng đỏ trứng và dùng cọ quết lên mặt bánh để khi thành phẩm bánh có màu sắc bắt mắt.

Mời cả nhà thưởng thức thôi nào!(Ảnh: Internet)

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